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Welcome to the law firm of Abrams & Krochak. We have helped thousands of people immigrate to Canada since 1996. We are proud of our near 100% Canadian Immigration success rate. Everyday we put our over 40 years of combined experience into practice, bringing skilled professionals and family members to Canada and helping people just like you realize your dream of a better life in Canada.

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Express Entry

Federal Skilled Worker Class
Federal Skilled Trades Class
Canadian Experience Class

Canada seeks the skills and experience of foreign professionals, skilled workers and skilled tradespeople.

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Self-Employed or Start-Up Visa

Canada seeks individuals who will contribute to the cultural, artistic and athletic development of the country as well as those with farm management experience. Canada also seeks business people who want to start and grow a high-potential start-up company that sets a goal of selling to customers in at least five (5) countries.

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Sponsor a Spouse/Partner/Child

Learn how to sponsor your loved one for Canadian Immigration.

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Sponsor a Parent/Grandparent

Be one of the thousands of families Abrams & Krochak has reunited in Canada.

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